We love pets… most of the time…

The caravan park is pet friendly; however, pets are not permitted in the cabin accommodation.

Cats are not welcome due to Council restrictions in our development consent – unfortunately, the extensive local fauna doesn’t harmoniously coexist with cats.

To avoid any issues arising, we prefer to be clear. Aggressive dogs, or dogs that constantly bark, are not welcome in the park.

Our free range chickens take priority, they have right of way at all times. Any animal caught chasing or harming our chickens will be evicted immediately.


Dogs, horses, and some other pets are welcome at Hallidays Point Caravan Park with rules applying to ensure all guests have an enjoyable stay at our property.

All pets must be declared when making bookings and on check-in.

All pets staying or visiting our park should have current vaccination and be free from fleas, ticks, or any disease.

It is a condition of having a pet stay in the park, that the pet owner accepts full responsibility for any injury or damage caused by their pet.


Dogs should be always kept on a lead. They can only be off leash if you have a secure enclosed area for your dog within your site.

Barking should be minimised. Tell your dog: no barking after 9pm. Please don’t kick your dog’s arse to achieve the same.

Do not allow your dog to urinate or defecate on other guest’s sites or property.

Dogs are not allowed into buildings or the swimming pool area. And you wouldn’t believe it but dogs are not permitted to swim in the pool.

Dogs are not allowed at the horse stables.

Dog owners must pick up and dispose of their pet’s waste in a sealed doggy bag immediately and dispose of it in the rubbish bins. Do not flush pet waste in toilets. Do not use rubbish bins located in the amenities building for pet waste. And seriously, do not throw pet waste in the Dump Point – if you’re caught, you’ll be retrieving it, and then leaving the property.

Numerous off-leash dog walking areas exist in the local area.


Horses should be stabled when not being ridden or walked and must be stabled at night.

Horse manure is to be removed to the stable manure collection area.

Horse urine is to be immediately washed off any paths or roads.

Stables must be left clean and tidy on departure.

Horse riding is permitted around the property; however, horses are not permitted in buildings.

Surprisingly, the swimming pool should not be used for watering your horses.


Pets are not permitted to enter our park laundry, amenities building, pavilion, camp kitchen, pool, and entertainment areas.

In accordance with health and safety regulations, no pet related accessories such as dog or horse blankets or rugs can be washed, cleaned or dried in our laundry machines or in any caravan park amenities. Anyone caught doing the same will be liable for the cleaning and any machine repair, and then you’ll be leaving the park.


You must always control your pet. This means they must never be left unattended. Don’t even think about locking them in your van all day. Take your pet with you if you depart. There are pet boarding facilities nearby. We will contact authorities if there is an animal welfare concern.

Pets are not permitted to chase or attack local fauna.

Unfortunately, any pet owners who fail to be respectful of our policy will be asked to leave the park.

We do hope you and your pet enjoy your stay here at Hallidays Point Caravan Park and we thank you for your co-operation and consideration of all others who have also paid to stay here.